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St Albans Old Peoples’ Trust
History of St Albans Old People’s Trust The    story    of    St    Albans    Old    People's    Trust    starts    with    the shipping   magnate   Mr   Harold   C.C.   MMcIlwraith,   a   director   of   the White   Star   Line   and   his   country   home   Glen   Almond   in   King Harry Lane, St Albans. In     July     1916     he     lent     his     home     to     the     Commonwealth Government   and   the   Australian   Imperial   Forces   used   it   as   a convalescent   home   for   the   sisters   and   nurses   of   the   Australian Army. It closed in December 1918. During World War II the building was used as a headquarters for MI6 as a base for intelligence activities such as training spies. After the war  it became a training centre for the civil defence. The Trust The   funds   raised   from   the   sale   of   the   Home   and   lands   have been   invested   and   managed   by   St   Albans   Old   People's   Trust. Further    legacies    including    two    properties    in    St    Albans    have been    added    to    the    Trust's    investment    portfolio.    All    income from   the   Trust's   assets   is   used   to   assist   residents   of   the   City   & District of St Albans aged 60+ in need, hardship or distress. If you with to donate or leave a legacy please see the “Donating” page or contact the Clerk to the Trustees  for more information(see "Contact Us"). Copies of the Trust's Annual Report and Accounts may be obtained from the Clerk or on the Charity Commission website (enter charity name or reg. no. 222522 in the search panel).
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